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January 27, 2008

Suggestions for what to wear in your portrait session

Clothing plays a very important role in the finished look of your portraits. All clothing should be pressed.
Please keep the following in mind when selecting clothing for your session:
Choose your colors wisely: In a family portrait, everyone does NOT want to wear the same thing. However, you do want a harmonious look in your image. The simplicity of a few colors helps separate a family from the background scenery and creates a bit of uniformity. Soft pastels, khaki, ivory, white, denims all are good choices for out- door portraits, indoor work also allows black, rich browns and other darker tones. Choose colors that look good on your family members.
Think in terms of texture and color contrast: It is important to have some contrast when placing people next to each other. Texture is one way of creating contrast. Using a variety of materials, depending on the season, in winter velvet, corduroy, wool, knits, denim and flannel are great. In the summer, linen, silk, cotton, denim (again) khaki, light knits, whatever feels good to you and your family. Texture adds to the richness and beauty of your portrait.
Please avoid distracting clothing: Wearing bright colors and busy patterns take away from the subjects in your portrait. Patterns will also date your portrait. Solid colors look best in portraits. Black or brown shoes are often the best choice for a family portrait. White sport shoes and white socks with slacks or jeans are especially noticeable. These selections can take away some of the beauty of your portrait. Women are usually more flattered by ¾ or long sleeves. Button down shirts look great for men. Knits are great in portraits. And of course, there are exceptions to every rule.
Select clothing that “fits” your location: For instance, suits and dresses usually work better indoors, in your home or some other elegant interior. Formal attire can work out-of-doors on lovely grounds for quite a romantic look. The woods are great for jeans and flannels and the beach is good for khakis and bare feet. Each different “look” helps to emphasize the message of your portrait.

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